Pulling Wisdom From My Teeth or: Methodless Methods To My Madness

Pulling Wisdom From My Teeth or: Methodless Methods to My Madness is a short story collection by Kevin Novalina (Brown) featuring various and entertaining subjects and styles.

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Ink on Wood

Kevin Novlina (Brown) of Arkansas has given to readers the world over a phenomenal new collection of prose in Ink on Wood. I found his work quite riveting. In short the work included in Ink on Wood is searing prose at its best. "02:10:31" and "The End", the opener and closer for the book, are dramatic tales of regret and loss told in unconventional and interesting sequence.

Virgogray Press 2010

Death Roll

Six stories from Pushcart Prize nominee Kevin Novalina (Brown).

Discovering you're HIV+. Getting fed up with your dog. Coping with terminal cancer. Taking revenge on your ex. Hanging with your reality-challenged friends. Taking out your anger on the family pet.

Death. There is more than one way to experience it. There is only one way for it to end.

Lame Goat Press 2010